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Eagle Nest Locator

Welcome to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Bald Eagle Nest Locator. The search features below may be used to locate FWC documented bald eagle nesting territories and to view their locations in map and spreadsheet form.

New Survey Protocol: In 2008 the statewide bald eagle nesting territory survey protocol changed. Here is the map showing what counties are being surveyed PDF Document during the 2015-2016 breeding season. The protocol change reduces annual statewide survey effort and increases the amount of information gained from the nests that are visited during the survey season. Nest productivity is now determined for a sub-sample of the nests that are surveyed annually. Nest activity and productivity information are critical to determining if the goals and objectives of the Bald Eagle Management Plan are being met.

Attention: The information contained within this database is current through the 2017-2018 nesting season; nests were surveyed by FWC from November 2017 to April 2018. Accuracy of the nest locations is estimated to be within 0.1 miles of the true location. Not all eagle nests in Florida have been documented by FWC. Non-documented nests receive the same level of protections as FWC documented nests.

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Please direct any questions, comments, or suggestions about this page to To learn more about eagles in Florida please visit the FWC bald eagle website.