Northern Bobwhite Quail Sightings

Purpose of this Survey:
  • Bobwhite quail occur in Florida but are rarely observed in the wild.
  • Populations of bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) are in decline. Over the past 50 years, the bobwhite quail population in Florida has declined by approximately 82 percent. The decline in the number of quail is due to loss of suitable habitat.
  • The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) works with private landowners to help reverse the decline of quail habitat by encouraging land management practices such as prescribed burning, planting field borders, and planting of low density longleaf pine (<500 trees/acre).
  • Reporting your quail sightings on private lands will help FWC biologists better understand the current distribution and abundance of Northern bobwhite quail populations in Florida.
Identifying Northern Bobwhite Quail:
Image courtesy of Jesse Boulerice, FWC
How to Participate:
  • FWC is interested in ANY sightings of quail including personal observations or birds calling but not seen.
  • Do not record pen-raised quail that have been released for hunting.
  • More recent sightings (within the past year) are preferred, but older sightings are appreciated. If a sighting is not recent, please remember to put the correct year and month if possible.
  • For more information see our Landowner Assistance Program site.

  • Thank you very much. Your contributions to this effort are appreciated!
  1. You can enter your lat/long directly or you can use the red marker on Google Maps to determine the coordinates.
  2. Drag the marker to the approximate location then use the zoom bar on the left side of the map to help pin-point the desired location.
  3. Enter date animal was observed, organization or user name, and contact email.
  4. Provide a detailed description of the quail you observed in the comments including appearance and behavior.
  5. Click the Submit button below the date entry area.

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If you have an interest in managing your property for quail or any other wildlife,
please contact one of our private lands wildlife biologists for
Management Assistance.

Florida has a very broad public records law and any information you submit will become part of this record.
All photos and comments submitted to FWC, either by email or through this Quail sightings registry,
will be posted to an interactive map.