Statewide Assessment of the Current Status and Distribution of FNAI's Tracked Butterfly Species on Florida's Conservation Lands
   Gary Knight, Florida State University

Abstract: This project is conducting strategic field surveys of Florida’s rare and threatened butterflies to develop a comprehensive and current statewide database on the distribution and abundance of those species. During this project’s second quarter, the volunteer coordinators logged over 108 hours and 700 miles in conducting strategic field surveys. These surveys documented 17 locations for eight FNAI-tracked butterfly species. These data, in conjunction with the 29 locations for 11 FNAI-tracked butterfly species found during the first quarter of this project, resulted in 48 new butterfly element occurrence records being entered into the FNAI database as a direct result of this SWG funding.

Award Matching Funds Total
$69,575.00 $69,575.00 $139,150.00

Year Funded Starting Date Ending Date
2006 7/1/2007 6/30/2010

Location: Statewide