Database on the Status, Distribution, and Biology of Florida’s Rare Invertebrates
   Dale Jackson, FSU/Florida Natural Areas Inventory

Abstract: During the period July 1- December 31, 2007, project staff continued to work on major project goals, including the addition of 207 new element occurrence records, 31 references, and 7 new elements. New element occurrences primarily represented stoneflies, beetles, and butterflies. New elements added to the FNAI tracking list include two cave spiders, a cave springtail, a scorpionfly, a moth, and two butterflies. We analyzed extensive recent information about the Highlands Tiger Beetle, which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reaffirmed in 2007 as a candidate for federal listing, and found that 1) the population at its type locality was never extirpated, contrary to what had been thought, and 2) part of the type locality is within the Lake Wales Ridge Wildlife Management Area. Surveys for the Floodplain Phanaeus Scarab Beetle, which once was very common in ravines in and near Torreya State Park in the same general area inhabited by the endangered Florida Torreya tree, were unsuccessful. Other de novo field surveys provided new biological, ecological, and distributional information for many species, especially beetles, either already on or being considered for addition to our rare species tracking list.

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