Welcome to the Florida Shorebird Database

The Florida Shorebird Database (FSD) is the central repository for data collected on shorebirds and seabirds in Florida. It allows you to submit and manage your observations. Once the data is entered, it is available to anyone thereby allowing researchers, managers, conservationists, and permit reviewers to use your information to help conserve shorebirds and seabirds. Learn more about the FSD

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3/20/17: The 2017 training webinars for route surveyors and rooftop monitors are now on our RESOURCES page. If you have questions about the webinars or the Breeding Bird Protocol please email FLShorebirdDatabase@myfwc.com.

3/7/16: The Florida Shorebird Database has been updated to reflect changes in the Breeding Bird Protocol. Please see the protocol on our RESOURCES page for more information.

  • Added ability to report total adult counts for American Oystercatchers, Snowy Plovers, and Wilson’s Plovers on Route Survey form.
  • Removed Pre-nesting site status from Seabird colony nest form.
  • Replaced Pre-nesting site status with Probable nesting on Shorebird solitary nest form.

8/5/15: Improve speed in processing MY DATA - the main data entry page.

  • Loading much faster with optimized database queries.
  • Hiding Google map by default to improve loading speed.
  • Showing the Last Survey and Last Visit dates from all users.









Welcome to the Florida Shorebird Database

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