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Welcome to the Florida Shorebird Database

The Florida Shorebird Database (FSD) is the central repository for data collected on shorebirds and seabirds in Florida. It allows you to submit and manage your observations. Once the data is entered, it is available to anyone thereby allowing researchers, managers, conservationists, and permit reviewers to use your information to help conserve shorebirds and seabirds. Learn more about the FSD

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New feature highlights:

• Predation Management Supports for Solitary and Colonial sites: (V2.21.01)
  • Search by Cause Of Loss and export its information for Excel and KMZ.
  • Optionally export disturbance, tracks, we warck, and beach raking information for Excel.
Cause Of Loss Search
Cause Of Loss Popup
Cause Of Loss for KMZ output
• Revise the new incomplete survey popup with remove capability. (V2.20.22) Incomplete Route Survey
• Fixed bugs on renest sequence display and missing sequence during seletion. (V2.20.20) Renest Sequence



Welcome to the Florida Shorebird Database