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Florida Pine Snake
Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus

  • Large (up to 7 ft) and heavy bodied with a white, tan, or rusty ground color and dark blotches that are more distinct towards the rear of the body (occasionally patternless).
  • The snout is pointed and has a large scale on the nose, and a pronounced ridge above the eyes makes pine snakes look “mean.”
  • This species often hisses very loudly when disturbed.

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How to Participate:
  • FWC is interested in ANY sightings of the Florida Pine Snake including animals killed on the road. Please upload a photograph, if available, so that identification can be confirmed. By uploading a photo, you agree to have your photo deposited in the Florida Museum of Natural History’s Herpetology Collection in your name as a permanent record (voucher).
  • More recent sightings (2000-present) are preferred, but older sightings are appreciated. Please remember to put the correct year and month, if possible.
  • Additional comments, questions or pictures can be sent to Kevin Enge (Kevin.Enge@MyFWC.com) or Anna Farmer (Anna.Farmer@MyFWC.com). You may also call Kevin (352-334-4209) or Anna (352-334-4220).
Florida Pine Snake Observation Form

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  1. You can enter your lat/long directly or you can use the red bubble marker on Google Maps to determine the coordinates. If your coordinates are from a GPS device, please check the box indicating that.
  2. Click on the buttons at the upper right of the map to display either a satellite, hybrid road/satellite, or terrain map. Drag the marker to the approximate location then use the zoom bar on the left side of the map to help pin-point the desired location.
  3. Enter the year and month of the sighting, indicate if you are a professional biologist or a member of the public, provide the organization you work for (optional), your name, an email and phone number where you can be contacted (optional), and any additional comments (optional) on the snake observation.
  4. If you wish to submit photos, please upload using the appropriate boxes below.
  5. Click the Save button below the date entry area.
  6. Please submit a new record for each individual snake you observed.



Submit pictures if available (10 mb total file size limit):
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If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact: Kevin Enge (FWRI Biologist), kevin.enge@myfwc.com
Thank you very much for your participation in this survey, your contributions to this effort are invaluable!

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