The services listed below are not licensed or regulated by the FWC.  As a public service, we allow outfitters and guides to list their businesses. We publish this directory to help you plan your next outing. Hunting and fishing outfitters and guides, as well as bird-watching and wildlife viewing tour guides who operate on certain waters (navigable waterways), are required to possess various types of U.S. Coast Guard “captains’ licenses.” On some waters (land-locked lakes) outfitters and guides are not required to possess captains’ licenses.

For safety reasons, you should determine if an outfitter or guide has an applicable U.S. Coast Guard-issued license.

See How to select an outdoor guide for additional tips.

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Guides include any individual or business that provides professional guidance to anglers, hunters, bird watchers or ecotourists. Outfitters are those that provide specific equipment for sale or rent that facilitate outdoor recreation, such as hunting, fishing, bird watching, paddling, hiking and camping.

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