Welcome to the FBCI Project Database!

Welcome to the Project Database for the Florida Bird Conservation Initiative! One step towards achieving FBCI's mission is to ensure that everyone in the bird conservation community is aware of the projects with which we are involved. We need your help in developing a project database that will serve as a searchable and comprehensive snapshot of all avian conservation projects and activities underway throughout the state. We hope this will be a useful tool for connecting the avian conservation community in Florida!

You can add a new project or search for previously entered projects by choosing an option beneath the "Projects" section of the left-hand menu. Please carefully review your information BEFORE clicking "Save". After you save your information and exit the page, you will no longer be able to edit your project information without first contacting the FBCI coordinator. You can also search existing projects in this database by clicking on “Search Projects” in the left hand menu and entering a project title or keyword. To contact the FBCI Coordinator, with any question, concerns or comments, please click here Opens in new window!

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